What Are the Most Popular Meme Stocks?

Meme stocks trading involves stocks that go viral when shared by investors on social media. We’re here to tell you just how popular some of these stocks are in the UK.

Many memes gain popularity on social media; Reddit is one example. However, if it isn’t turned into a viable stock (meaning the price skyrockets), it is considered more like an “immature” meme stock. Most of these immature stocks become outdated before they ever reach maturity and usually aren’t even worth researching because it isn’t very likely they’ll go viral.

What Are the Most Popular Meme Stocks in the UK?


Many people love to joke about buying stocks in GameStop because it’s very likely that they’ll get more money out of them than what they paid. This always seems the case when stocks are at their lowest prices, but only time will tell if they will stay this way forever. Each year, new games come out, and old ones become outdated, which means gamers have to spend more money on games after the initial purchase, making GameStop much more appealing. The memes that come with these stocks usually involve someone saying they’re willing to buy GameStop even though they know it will never go up in value (at least until next year).

Micron Technology

When someone posts a picture or image of this stock on Reddit or another social media site, others will usually comment saying, “I’m gonna go buy Micron”. Of course, they never do, but that’s why others will – they believe that it would be a good idea due to the company’s popularity online. The company focuses on making memory semiconductor devices for computers and other electronics, making it very unlikely that anyone would want to buy this stock (unless they’re incredibly desperate).

Zoom Video Communications

While not always an expensive stock, it has been making steady gains over the past few years. Many people joke about purchasing this stock because it seems to be gaining in popularity each month. Investors who buy in when the price goes down usually get a significant return when everyone starts buying back in. This company provides video conferencing services and equipment for businesses.

Video Conferencing fun fact: Steve Jobs was thought to have died due to pancreatic cancer that spread throughout the body via his liver (he didn’t, he died of pneumonia), but an autopsy showed that his liver was fine. However, his pancreas was so severely ravaged by cancer that it looked like someone had dropped a bomb on it. This is because pancreatic cancer tends to spread fast but doesn’t do much immediate damage because of how the body detects cancer cells. Once they reach the liver or another part of the body that isn’t as intelligent (meaning it can’t sense them), they grow exponentially and often result in death.


Facebook has become a mainstay in social media, and it’s implausible that this will change anytime soon. Many people joke about buying these stocks because they know full well that they’re not going anywhere, but still sometimes post memes saying they’re buying them just for fun (and bragging rights), which pushes sales up as investors believe that this is true.


Many people love Apple and go as far as spending all their money on their products. People usually joke about buying these stocks because they know full well that people will buy them no matter what happens, even if it gets pretty scary (think “the market crashed”, for example).

Apple Stock fun fact: The company’s CEO, Steve Jobs, said he had cancer during a presentation, something few CEOs would do (especially knowing how public technology companies tend to be). Before the speech started, there were audible groans from the audience, but once he started speaking, Apple stock went up. That’s how much power Jobs had while he lived, something that doesn’t seem to be shared with his successors.