How To Pull The Plug On Your Amazon Seller Account: An Insider’s Guide

If you’re an Amazon seller, there might come a time when you need to make the tough decision to cancel your Amazon seller account. Understanding the process is crucial whether you’re looking to switch to a different platform, take a break from selling, or simply move on to other ventures. In this insider’s guide, we’ll explore how to cancel your Amazon seller account and discuss the delicate art of appealing for reinstatement if needed.

Cancelling Your Amazon Seller Account

Before you dive into steps of cancelling Amazon seller account, getting everything in place and ensuring your account is in good standing is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Clear All Pending Orders And Refunds

You’ll want to ensure that all customer orders have been shipped and processed and that all refunds and returns are resolved. Outstanding issues can complicate the account closure process.

Step 2: Empty Your Amazon Pay Account

If you have funds in your Amazon Pay account, withdraw them to your bank account or use them for refunds. Amazon Pay balances cannot be transferred to another Amazon account.

Step 3: Resolve Any Account Balances

If you have any outstanding fees or debts with Amazon, clear them. An unpaid balance can prevent you from closing your account.

Step 4: Download Necessary Reports

Download all the relevant reports, including sales and financial reports, as you won’t have access to this information after your account is closed.

Step 5: Request Account Closure

To Request Closure:

  • Log in to your Amazon seller account and go to the “Contact Us” page.
  • Select “Selling on Amazon” and choose the option that best describes your situation.
  • Follow the prompts to initiate the account closure process.

The Amazon Appeal Process

Sometimes, sellers might regret cancelling their Amazon seller account or facing unforeseen challenges that prompt them to seek reinstatement. This is where the Amazon appeal process comes into play.

Step 1: Identify The Issue

First, you need to pinpoint why your account was suspended or closed. This might involve reviewing Amazon’s notifications or contacting Seller Support for clarification.

Step 2: Develop A Plan Of Action

Once you’ve identified the issue, create a detailed plan of action that addresses the problem and outlines the steps you’ll take to prevent it from happening again.

Step 3: Submit An Appeal

Log in to your suspended Amazon seller account and locate the “Appeal” or “Plan of Action” option. Follow the provided instructions to submit your appeal, attaching any relevant documentation.

Step 4: Be Patient And Persistent

Appeals can take time, and you might need to go back and forth with Amazon’s Seller Performance team. Be patient; reevaluate your action plan and resubmit your appeal if you receive a rejection.

Step 5: Seek Professional Help

If your appeal efforts are unsuccessful or you need help with how to proceed, consider seeking professional assistance from experienced Amazon consultants or lawyers specialising in Amazon seller account reinstatement.


It can be difficult and occasionally upsetting to cancel your Amazon seller account and navigate the appeals procedure. Approaching these decisions requires an explicit knowledge of your justifications for cancelling and a well-thought-out strategy in case you ever need to appeal for reinstatement. By taking these actions, you can confidently close your Amazon seller account and, if required, look for a way back into the Amazon selling community.